The BiteNot® Collar  Instructions For Use.

Protect wounds and sutures! BiteNot® Collars are the comfortable alternative to the Elizabethan cone. They allow complete peripheral vision for your dog and cat. Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, and even sitting on laps can now be done safely and comfortably.

For maximum protection the collar must stretch from behind the animal's ear to the top of the shoulder. Use the Collar Width as a guide for sizing 

Depending on the size of the animal, application is often easiest working from behind with the animal facing away from you.
1. Open the collar, position the harness buckle over the shoulders and wrap the collar snugly around the neck.
2. Stretch the outer elastic strap around the closed collar and secure with the hook-and-loop closure.
3. The collar strap should be positioned around the animal's chest, behind the front legs. Close the buckle and adjust by pulling the strap snug. The strap is designed to prevent the animal from flipping the collar over its head.
4. Cut off excess strap and burn the end of remaining strap.

NOTE: If edge of collar rubs against animal's ear, try any of the following: Use a smaller size, loosen collar, wrap soft material around edge of collar. IMPORTANT! The neck of the animal should always be dry when using the BiteNot® Collar. The owner should periodically check under the collar to ensure the neck is dry. Properly fitted, the collars will prevent dogs and cats from removing femoral and urinary catheters, and licking their feet. (Dobermans are often difficult to stop). Collars may be used for cervical stabilization. The BiteNot® Collar is NOT recommended to protect eyes or ears.

PLEASE NOTE: Bite Not® Collars are non-returnable. If you have questions about the best size for your pet, please contact us.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Care center.
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