Quick Carry™ Animal Stretchers  Instructions For Use.

Our maneuverable Soft Quick Carry™ or the Quick Carry™ frame stretcher serve to meet your pet-care transportation needs. 


1. Lay the appropriate size stretcher on a stable, solid surface as near to the animal as possible.
2. Gently position the animal in the center of the stretcher.
3. With two or more handlers, lift using the technique outlined below.
4. Carry the animal to a stable, solid destination.
5. You may leave the animal on the stretcher and administer care (Stretchers are machine washable.) or gently lift the animal and remove the stretcher.

THE SOFT QUICK CARRY™ comes in Three Sizes

• Allows for easy transport of any dog or other small animal, for emergencies, recovery, or other pet-care situations.
• Maneuvers in the tightest corners.
• The Large and Jumbo Soft Stretchers are equipped with side handles for additional handlers to assist with the heavier loads.
• Store almost anywhere.
• Constructed of washable, durable, reinforced nylon pack cloth with padded handles for years of heavy use.

QUICK CARRY™ with Rigid Frame
• 21”x 48” — 1” aluminum frame is anodized for easy cleanup.
• The cover is made of dirt-resistant, durable nylon pack cloth and is easily removed for machine washing.
• Pets remains secure with body straps with easy-adjusting, hook-n-loop closures.

IMPORTANT! LIFTING IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS PRODUCT. Lift with your legs, arms at waist-height, keeping your back straight and feet spread shoulder-width apart. It is recommended that three or more handlers assist with the transport of larger animals. Handlers with back problems or lifting restrictions should not use this product.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Care center. Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm (Central Time) 800-222-9263 • ffoa@fourflags.com

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