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Catalog#: CM-03
Item#: 19085

Weight / Size: 1-20 lbs.
Ideal for Breed Type: Standard
Color: Green/Red/Blue

  • Temporary-Use Muzzle.
  • Constructed of durable water and dirt resistant nylon pack cloth for years of use.
  • Webbing-reinforced construction is designed with safety in mind.
  • Adjustable straps with a durable quick-release plastic buckle for fast efficient muzzle closure.

Quick Cat Muzzle® - 3 Set

Quick Cat Muzzle® - 3 Set

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Our form-fitting, temporary-use muzzle helps to calm and safely control cats.

• Constructed of durable water- and dirt-resistant nylon pack cloth.
• The hook-and-loop neck tab provides quick closure for fast restraint.
• The muzzle covers the eyes, producing a calming effect in most cats.
• Three sizes available.

Please remember, the QUICK MUZZLE® is for supervised, short-term use to reduce the risk of bites. A muzzle is to be used with another method of restraint, with the animal handler holding the ultimate responsibility for safe control. With a proper, snug fit, the animal’s ability to pant is reduced, which could compromise the animal’s natural cooling system. Under certain conditions, this could produce a life-threatening situation.

Click here for information on sizing and usage of muzzles.

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